Friday, September 25, 2009

People with too much time on their hands

Just been over to Russell Island. The Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Emergency Services decided he needed to up his profile so we were awarded our FM1 certificates and epaulettes for the Rural Fire Brigade. This, I might add, some three to four months after actually receiving them.

But no matter. Six of us hopped on the water taxi, together with First Officer Ross and Branch Secretary Chrissie. All very smartly turned out in our new yellows with polished boots. This gave us a chance to sneer at the Russell Island Brigade who received their certificates in old dirty yellows and no jackets.
(Pic shows 1st officer Ross, Alene and Guy)

Having gained cred for thinking of the award day, the Minister found better things to do with his time and sent a newly appointed member of parliament, Mr Steve Kilpurn, in his stead. Stevo presented us with our certificates and epaulettes and told us what a great job we were doing. Thanks, mate!
(pics of Stevo presenting Guy and Alene with their certificates)

After the speeches were over and the mixing and mingling had taken place, food was placed on the table and we could all get down and dirty, so to speak. Wow! We do have to give RI credit for a good feed. They turned on a feast!! Heaps of freshly made sandwiches (including my fave of egg and lettuce), mini chicken kievs, sausage rolls and pies, quiche, pigs in a blanket, cheese and bikkies, olives, lamingtons, apple turnovers with fresh cream ... the list is endless.

At which point comes the point of this post: there were pink boiled eggs on offer. Somebody had taken the time and effort to boil eggs in something pink (beetroot? cochineal?) to produce halved hard boiled pink eggs.
There are people with too much time on their hands.

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