Monday, September 7, 2009

Aaah Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next

It’s been a strange day today. Melbourne weather.

Opening my eyes this morning, the sun was blazing above my head. The gum trees were swaying against the impossible blue of the sky and the magpies and lorikeets were doing battle of the bands. Definitely a perfect day in Queensland.

As the day progressed, showers came over and scattered a few teasing drops on the lawn. Would it rain? I rushed to bring in the washing, almost dry, and hung it on the line inside the carport. Where did the sun go? I put on a hoodie and perched myself on my computer, prepared to sit out the afternoon storm in the office.

The hoodie came off as the sun burnt a hole in the clouds and dried up the rain spots in an instant. You could almost see the humidity in the air and feel the steam off your skin. Time to leave the office and do a little weeding in the vegie patch, brushing off the host of mosquitoes anxious to make my blood’s acquaintance.

At four thirty, it’s back to the threat of rain and it’s cold enough for that hoodie once more. And I’ve returned to my desk.

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