Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friar Birds in the House

We had two Friar birds in the house the other day.

They apparently flew in through the carport and into the kitchen.

Not a smart bird, obviously. We opened the sliding doors to the verandah but they still beat their little heads frantically against the meshing on the louvred windows. Or flailed against the skylights.
Guy managed to catch the one on the left as it got stuck in the louvres. He took it outside and released it.
The second one settled on the fans. I chased it from one fan to another trying to make it fly low enough to go out the open doors in the kitchen but to no avail.
It too had to be captured gently and taken outside. Ungratefully ripping my finger, it flew off into the trees.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Norrie's Dead. Can you pick up the grog?"

Sitting on the water bus the other morning, a conversation caught my attention.

Two women seated in front of me were deep in conversation.

"Norrie's dead, she said. Can you pick up the grog?"

The second women turns to her companion in amazement. "No! Well, I'm gobsmacked!. Can't believe it!"

"True story. That's what she said, word for word." The first woman shakes her head sadly. "Norrie's gone all right. Young too ...."

Their conversation veered into a long discussion of the departed Norrie, his good points and his bad points (apparently well outweighing the good ones).

I didn't know Norrie but I can't help but wonder if she picked up the grog.