Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hey, how about that dust storm???

The night before the storm, Baz up the road looks down at the sunset with a rheumy eye and proclaims "Big dust storm tomorrow."

At that stage, we had no news of Sydney's dust storm approaching and were a trifle sceptical of Baz's pronouncement.

Still, I wandered down the road to take a few photos of the sunset. Mmmm, different ... but probably due to smoke from bush fires, I thought.
Great effects! I really must try to capture these colours on canvas.

The storm was the worst in 70 years, I believe. At its fiercest, it reportedly dumped 16,000 tonnes of dirt every hour over South-East Queensland. I also believe most of that finished up on the floors of our house.
This shot was taken Wednesday morning. At this stage we couldn't see the mainland or Garden Island.

These two pics show how thick the dust was ... On the left you can't see the land beneath the dust and the photo on the right shows the dust being blown across the Tasman to NZ.

At the Sailing School down at the Boat Club, there was no sailing on Wednesday! Apart from the visibility factor, the wind whipped up some one metre swell that would have deterred even a hardened sailor.
There is talk of another dust storm coming up this weekend. Is that a good enough excuse not to do any housework?

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