Monday, January 31, 2011

Australia Day 2011

We sailed to Peel Island in Moreton Bay for an Australia Day picnic with the Tingira Boat Club.
Our boat "Bonnington" took a while to get there with no wind at all so we had to rely on our motor.

Crew included Julia, Eddie, Tane and Ranui Harmer and Helen and Sam Wells.

Julia found a native plant growing which she said the Aborigines had used as a form of cocaine. We tried it but perhaps stuffing it up your nose is not the way to go. My nose went numb ... but not in a pleasant way.

On the island, the club organised a damper competition and a best dressed Australian outfit.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rose Coloured Glasses

I was doing the washing up this morning with my new dishwashing liquid - Pink Frangipani.

It looked and smelled so beautiful that I decided to rinse my spectacles in it.

When I put them on, they had a faint film over the lenses which made everything look slightly out of focus.

Is this what looking at the world through rose coloured glasses means?