Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Peacock Plague (part two)

Well, the net is not going well. Peacocks are smarter than the Peacock Catcher thinks. They are bypassing the trap and are intent on taking over the house.
Last Thursday I was sitting (upstairs) in my office doing the finishing touches to my latest painting when I heard a strange noise. Looking around, I found three peahens gazing at my work of art. "Is it edible?" they seemed to be saying.
These dratted birds had come up on our back deck, entered the kitchen through the bifold doors, eaten everything they could find and then wound their way upstairs and into the office.
Not impressed, I screamed mightily, jumped up and ... showed them the door. Sounds easy but this involved some nifty side stepping of peacock poop whilst holding my nose (whew!!!) and avoiding flapping, squawking peahens. Door open, I urged them onto the top deck from whence they flew back to the ground.
Feeling  very proud of myself, I returned to the office, intent on going downstairs to collect cleaning items but upon opening the office door, I was met by several other peahens who had been investigating the bedroom, the bathroom and the toilet.
More mad screaming and arm and wing flapping and all but one peahen abandoned the upper story. One was left in the toilet and nothing I could do would persuade her that she should leave.
Unfortunately, the toilet seat was down so her attempts to use the toilet in the correct manner were a dismal failure.
I called Guy. "Come home and get rid of the peacocks!" I screamed into the mobile.
Of course, he had to tell everyone about it first and I could hear their peals of laughter as he agreed to return immediately.
In the meantime, I cleaned up the office, bedroom and bathroom and made myself feel better by swearing a lot at the peahen.

Guy to the rescue

It didn't take him more than a minute to enter the toilet, trap the flapping, yammering bird and calm it before taking it out on the top deck and releasing it.

.... and I cleaned up the toilet.

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