Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two sides of the coin

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in the Halfwit Sundays. Well, in some of us at least ...

Just got back from attending a firies call out. A lady had fallen off her scooter and had minor injuries. Yes, firies also attend motor vehicle accidents in the Halfwits.

Once assessed and loaded onto the ambulance to be taken to the mainland, the lady was understandably concerned about her scooter. If we left it by the roadside, who knows what would happen to it.

Spotting a woman across the road in her garden, I walked over and introduced myself.

"Would it be possible to put the scooter in her garden behind the gate?"

Wearing firies yellows and having an ambulance in the background, it was pretty obvious, I thought, that this was no prank.

"No" was the reply. "Get someone else to help."

"And a merry Christmas to you, too." I thought as I returned to the scooter.

Busily writing a note which I was planning on attaching to the handlebars, I heard a call from the house next door. An elderly gentleman came out and asked if he could help. On learning of the problem, he immediately offered to push the bike into his yard, under the house to protect it from the weather. He even apologised for not coming out sooner but he was extremely deaf and had heard nothing.

Thanks Harry. People like you make the Halfwit Sundays a lovely place to live.

Georgetta, I only hope you are never in need of assistance. What comes around goes around.

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