Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in the Halfwit Sundays

Peter and Kerri had a Waifs and Orphans brunch, held for those of us with no family on Christmas Day.

Guy and I were a little late, having driven from New Farm where we spent Christmas Eve at Karla and Bec's. We caught the 9.30am barge to the island and rushed home to change before hitting President Terrace, armed with croissants and champers, as our normal Christmas feast.
Peter and Kerri had served up a feast, ably assisted by guests. There was scrambled eggs, salmon spnach quiche, fruit and yoghourt and, of course, croissants, just to mention a few of the yummy foods supplied.
Plenty of nibblies and plenty of vino led to a delightful afternoon on their new deck.
The usual stalwarts were joined by Peter and Kerri's new neighbour Tatiana and her baby Senya.
The usual stalwarts? See below for pics of Mal and Rosie, Ron and Val, Barbara and Norm,
Colin and Janette, Phil and Ruth, Chas and Marg, Peter and Kerri (oops! Where is Kerri? Evil girl avoided the camera lens!!!) and Guy and myself.

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