Monday, November 30, 2009

Artistic Licence

The annual Macleay Island Arts Exhibition has just finished.

It was my first attempt at artistic fame and fortune but unfortunately nothing came of it.

I put in three entries, the maximum allowed, all very different. I am still trying to find the best way to express myself on canvas. (That's another way of saying I'm not very good .... lol). But it was the first time I felt confident enough to show my work in public, so I'm pleased with my progress.

I entered a landscape acrylic on canvas which shows the view from Oomool Street on the island.
This is actually intended as a Christmas gift for my son and his partner, as the painting depicts the view from their block. I thought they could show their guests in Melbourne what a wonderful view they own in the Halfwit Sundays.

The second painting is mixed media on canvas, entitled Stradbroke Night. Based on views from Stradbroke when we stayed there a few months ago, this leans more to the style I tend to adopt. I like it ... I thought it might sell.

The third painting is again acrylic on canvas. Entitled Forest Fire. Here I attempted the pure abstract and it did actually attract comment.
Someone even thought of buying it ... but didn't.
Ah well .... I have left the latter two paintings in the gallery. Perhaps someone visiting the island during the Christmas holidays might find one interesting.

Of course, there were some wonderful paintings in the Exhibition.
And even more wonderful sculpture.
How could I resist? I purchased Lady in Red by John Deane, one of the island's better known sculptors. She is simply divine. She now sits temporarily on a small table behind our sofa in the lounge, awaiting a pedestal to show her in her full glory. Tiny chips of silver and opal spark against the sunlight on the brooch which holds her ceramic gown and her head turns elegantly over her shoulder in a very oriental pose.

The three wall plaques are entitled Mangroves by LJS. A shy potter whose initials are the only clue to ownership.

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