Friday, June 26, 2009

I become a fiasco ...

It was the 14th anniversary of the day we met ... something Guy and I always celebrate. This time I was told we were going out for dinner at the Blue Parrot ... the most upmarket cafe restaurant on the island.

So I dutifully got dollied up and was ready to go (5 minutes to spare) when the doorbell rang.

"Darn! Who is it at this time?" I thought as I hurried downstairs.

It was Sid and Barb. "Great!" I said to myself "Guy has asked them to join us for dinner. Good idea!"

But behind them were more guests. And more guests. AND MORE GUESTS!

Woohoo! A surprise party!
All our friends from all over the island turned up, bearing plates of food and lots of drinks. Clever Guy! He didn't want me to know about the party, so he organised everyone else to do all the work.
The party really started with a bang and everyone was having a great time. Joanna called us to a halt at one stage to point out that Guy was a man in a million, who not only remembered our anniversary but threw a party to celebrate it.
In honour of this, she presented Guy with a medal. All the ladies cheered and nudged their husbands/partners and the men growled and sneered. (I clapped ... I know he's one in a million!!)
So we continued eating, drinking and generally making merry. Then Guy stood on the stairs and asked me to join him. Obviously a toast, I thought.
He produces this wonderful scroll and waves it to the assembled guests. "Funny", I thought, "Why won't he let me read it over his shoulder?" (I'm such a nosy person!!)
I could catch glimpses of it and I recognised the work of our friend Ruth, a gifted artist and calligrapher.
Guy reads out this poem, which he had written and had asked Ruth to reproduce for him:
Our dance of love
Began long past,
Our lives and hearts enmeshed
We’ve raised three boys,
We’ve travelled abroad,
Played hockey with the best
Long times of bliss,
Long lives ahead,
Let’s be married for the rest

What a wonderful proposal! Of course, I said yes!!
The night continued with much eating, singing and dancing and, of course, the occasional drop of celebratory wine.
Thanks to all our wonderful island friends for coming and the date is set ... 6th February 2010.

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