Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Wow, what a week we've had!!!
Last Saturday, Karla and Bec arrived for a few days, fresh from trekking Nepal.
We immediately threw them on the boat and took them out sailing for the day. There was supposed to be a Race Day at the Club but only one other boat took part.
I still say we won ... just because we got back first.

Karla and Bec stayed till Tuesday morning. The weather was pretty foul and it just wouldn't stop raining. Not what we wanted to show them!!!

Tuesday afternoon three British backpackers turned up ... Kim, Charlotte and Cheryl. Kim is a friend of Danny's from Reading and he had given her our number to call us when she was in Brisbane.
They arranged to stay for a couple of days so ... guess what? ... yes, we took them sailing!!!
The pic is of our dinghy, which trails behind us. Powered by a fiercesome 3.3hp Merc, it gets us to and from the boat and the shore.

Wednesday morning bright and early we all piled on board Bonnington, after a horrendous trek through the mangrove mud at the Boat Club. The tide was out and the only way to get the tender out to Bonnington was to carry it out through the mud (up to our knees) and then clamber on board. Yuk! A great introduction to Bay Sailing for the tourists.

But nobody slipped on their bum (always a dreaded option) and we all made it to the boat in one piece.

Casting off, we motored out past Dalpura and the tip of Macleay Island but found no wind whatsoever.
Hoisting the Iron Sail (more motoring) we headed towards Blakesleys Beach on Stradbroke.
On the way, a large spotted ray leapt out of the water just beside the boat. He must have been dozing on the surface and didn't hear us approach. "I didn't see it" wailed Kim. So, as an encore, he jumped again. Brilliant!!!

When we reached the beach and had successfully dropped anchor, we all jumped into the water which was only about 8' deep. Next thing, a pod of about 30 dolphin surrounded us, swimming around the boat. It was totally, totally gobsmacking!!! All different sizes and all gambolling in the waves with not a care in the world. The girls just couldn't believe their luck!!

No, of course we don't have photos!! We were in the water!!!

When the dolphin took off to frolic further afield, we hauled a picnic esky ashore and enjoyed some time in the sun before heading back to Macleay.

The girls left on Thursday, heading up to Brisbane, Noosa and points north. Hope the rest of their trip is as lucky as their sail on the Bay. We, on the other hand, started packing for Straddie .... see next post.

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